How to Slay Fronis Irontoe in HM

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How to Slay Fronis Irontoe in HM

Post  Zensic on Wed May 12, 2010 1:03 am

May 11th's Zaishen Bounty was Fronis Irontoe. It got some of us talking on the guild chat and I ended up running it in HM and finishing. Thus I thought I'd make a spot on the forum for suggestions and help

First, lets begin with those brass knuckles. You need to upgrade those babys to Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles. If you havent already done the quest The Throw Down in Norn Town (Also given by Kilroy) to earn Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles. Then you will need to do so. With these you can insert an inscription.

Mine are equiped with a perf Strength and Honor inscription.

Just as a regular means to help yourself finish the level easier and progress target the same foe as Kilroy. Its best to work as a team and fight together. In NM for iron farming (which this level is a goldmine for if you didnt know) you can work seperate and should be fine. But for HM, work along with him.

As for your skill set, forget any sort of overall timing strategy. Spam Brawling Block every time it reloads. You will die eventually, no doubt. But at least you can hold it off for one more punch.
So other than spamming block, go with your strongest skill you can to finish a foe. If you get the chance lead fully healthed foes with either Combo Punch or Uppercut that helps get the most of both skills. Other than using those, go at every opprotunity for a skill to be used. Target, mouse click or key punch those skills every chance. And remember a foe's death means being healed, keep fighting it might save your life.

Up until Lt Mahgma, you'll be blitzing across the dungeon trying to keep up with Kilrooooooy Stoneskin. So be a little patient when he just runs into a room without you and you've got to mop up his mess. The more you can work along with Kilroy the better chance you have to keep going.

Now as for Lt Mahgma there might be the hardest part of this entire dungeon. Lt Mahgma doesnt heal over time and will eventually die, so as long as you can continue to rez yourself, you'll be able to finish. Whipe out all of Lt Mahgma's lackys and save him for last. Here is where spaming Block here is vital. Combo is a great skill to be rezzed with so lead with it.

Rezzing yourself with STAND UP!
This is a little tricky and will require fast hands. You've got 10 seconds to gain your energy back to max. To let you know, this will max at 100. And is do-able, and likely required for eventually killing Lt Mahgma.
My strategy is I mouse click on my skill bar and I button spam 8 on the keyboard. Together you should be able to catch that 100 energy.

After you finish off Lt Mahgma, let Kilroy get rezzed up, collect your gear and move onto Fronis. Rush with Kilroy and target whatever he attacks first and stick with it. I find it lucky if Kilroy starts with the Ettin first and then move onto Fronis. But either way, attack with him. Together you should be able to slay one of the last two foes before Kilroy eventually (again, likely) dies. By then you should have a good chunk taken out of your last foe keep up your skills with the 8key and mouse clicking skills on Stand Up! and attack like hell till its over.

Thanks for reading and gl, if others have a dif strategy other ideas are great. study

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Re: How to Slay Fronis Irontoe in HM

Post  dougal4chaos on Wed May 12, 2010 1:08 am

set up 2 or 3 keys as 8 and spam them along with the mouse

be assassin secondary and put all ya points into dagger mastery

use stalwart insignia for +10 armour vs physical damage
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Re: How to Slay Fronis Irontoe in HM

Post  Mahdh on Wed May 12, 2010 2:59 am

use a cupcake and run to the end and slap his dwarven head
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Re: How to Slay Fronis Irontoe in HM

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