Help With Time Zones

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Help With Time Zones

Post  Ravenmark on Thu May 20, 2010 4:45 pm

For those of you that need help with the different time zones, here is a site you can visit. It is a cool place to go if you do not want to miss those Fun Alliance Events.

For those of you in the states This may help some:

GMT = Greenwich Mean time

9:00 GMT = 9am | 12:00 GMT = 12 noon | 15:00 GMT = 3:00pm ( similar to military time)

GMT -5 (hours) = Eastern Standard time (EST)
GMT -6 (hours) = Central Standard Time (CST)
GMT -7 (hours) = Mountain Standard Time (MST)
GMT -8 (hours) = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

For example; to figure the time of an event for someone on the east coast of the US. Find the time of the event and subtract 5 hours from it and you should arrive there on time. ex: 12:00 GMT - 5 hours = 7:00 am EST

I hope this was some help.
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Re: Help With Time Zones

Post  Prince Zorkian on Mon May 31, 2010 11:32 pm

Just as a heads up for people not familiar with some of the new phrases - If you hear someone say something like UTC - it also means GMT (the difference is because Greenwich itself is not on GMT time during the summer, so the "time commission" changed it to Coordinated Universal Time). An easier way to know when it is GMT (UTC) time no matter what time of year is too look at what time it is in Iceland - they are always GMT (or UTC)

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