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Post  Rafen Vault on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:26 pm

I have those things on sale and will update if I have more, so pm me in game or leave your IGN here and I'll contact you.


Elementalist (x1) - 7k
Dervish (x2) - 6k
Ranger (x3) - 5k
Mesmer (x1) - 5k
Monk (x2) - 7k

All kinds

Strength and Honor (x2) - 1k

Purple Skull Shield +16 q8 insc - 50k


Shield Handles of Devotion - 2k
Shield Handles of Endurance - 1k
Sundering Bowstring (x3) - 2k
Vampiric Bowstring - 1k
Zealous Hammer Haft - 1.5k
Vampiric Hammer Haft - 2k
Axe Grip of Fortitude - 1.5k
Axe Grip of Axe Mastery - 1k
Vampiric Axe Haft - 1k
Staff Wrapping of Enchanting (x2) - 5k
Dagger Handle of Enchanting - 2k
Dagger Handle of Fortitude - 2.5k
Vapiric Spearhead - 1k
and so many more mods that I haven't listed here. pm me and ask for them. Take your time around Cool
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