HM - Fort Ranik and Ruins of Surmia - July 12

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HM - Fort Ranik and Ruins of Surmia - July 12

Post  Markus Clouser on Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:39 am

For Young Heroes of Tyria book, Fort Ranik in HM.

We next find our young Ascalonian hero in a desperate battle to push the invading Charr back from the Wall. Fighting their way behind enemy lines, our hero's party eventually reached Siegemaster Lormar, who needed help repairing the trebuchets. If operable, these trebuchets could devastate the Charr lines from behind. Together they salvaged parts and repaired the first trebuchet and fired on the enemy. One careful shot took out an entire squad. Our hero fought deeper into Charr controlled territory to fire another trebuchet, finishing off the mighty warband and its leader, Craze the Unforgiving. The young hero's victory for Ascalon stoked a fire within Prince Rurik, and he roused his men with a fervent speech. For Ascalon and the King!
At around 20:00 GMT or after the Duncan run.

Ruins of Surmia along with Fort Ranik because yesterday we did the ZM and people were busy with Duncan!

After seeing great feats of cunning and strength, Prince Rurik decided to take the budding hero on a special mission. The prince wanted to penetrate Charr lines and rescue Ascalonians held as prisoners of war. Rurik led the small strike team from prisoner camp to prisoner camp, but his enthusiasm for the mission brought them face to face with a much larger force then they could handle deep in Charr territory. Prince Rurik urged the party on toward the ruins of the Royal Academy, where they made their stand. They held back the Charr long enough to open the Academy doors and retreat to temporary safety. Inside, the prince reclaimed the mouthpiece of the legendary horn, Stormcaller. Only then did he activate the runes and escape through a portal linking the ruins with the academy at Nolani. The mages who assisted our hero's escape stayed behind to continue the valiant fight against the Charr.
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