WTS DoA Greens+Golds

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WTS DoA Greens+Golds

Post  Jonnyhy on Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:46 am

I have:
Stygian Spear |q9|15^50|10%double adren|+30hp|
Stygian Aegis (motivation) |q9|+10armor vs Demons|+30hp|
Aegis of Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh (tactics)| |q9|+10armor vs Demons|+30hp|
Sythe of Corruption |q9|15^50|-1/+1|20%enchant|
Mallyx's Cruelty (bannana sythe) |q9|either 15^50 OR 20/20 i will check|20%enchant|
Miniture Black Beast of Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh

Miniture Black Beast of Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh and Aegis of Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh will be more expensive than others.
Open to any fair offers =D

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