Ballin's Tome Store!!!

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Ballin's Tome Store!!!

Post  Ballin on Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:56 am

Your friend Ballin has gathered many tomes of the elite and non elite variety from his extensive travels. Prices as follows...


Elementalist (4x)- 7k each
Mesmer (3x)- 5k each
Monk (5x)- 8k each
Necromancer (1x)- 7k
Paragon (1x)- 4k
Ritualist (1x)- 10k
Warrior (1x)- 5k

Non Elite:

Assassin (4x)- 50g each
Dervish (2x)- 400g each
Elementalist (4x)- 500g each
Mesmer (8x)- 100g each
Monk (14x)- 900g each
Necromancer (11x)- 600g each
Paragon (2x)- 400g each
Ranger (9x)- 200g each
Ritualist (2x)- 800g each
Warrior (10x)- 400g each

PM me in-game with whatever you need! Very Happy
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