Results of the Alliance-Wide Faction Challenge

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Results of the Alliance-Wide Faction Challenge

Post  Tara Bastet on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:49 am

I was extremely pleased with all the participation in this event and hope to continue to have these every six to eight weeks as funds allow. Thank you to all who for your hard work!

Donations for this event were so generous, we were able to extend rewards to everyone in the challenge. In addition to the top 5 positions with awesome prizes (see Faction Challenge Has Started topic), everyone below 5th place will receive 5K gold for each 25K faction donated. Only the individuals who contributed 100K or more faction will be listed here. The names shown in red declined their rewards.

Name Guild Total
Prince of Romance LOVE 1000
Prince Zorkain DR 835
Aniki Dehity DR 830
The Reaper's Requiem LOVE 800
Decorative Was Amy ema 675
Succum To Me DR 510
Miri Ka DR 495
Jazella Monae LOVE 420
Storm Waywright DR 345
God of Death DR 295
Rit Zaka DR 225

Anna The Apprition ME 225
Sophia Nybbas ema 205
Tess Harding emd 190
Mr Economist DR 125
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