Past Event - Wintersday Party in [ema] Guild Hall 2009

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Past Event - Wintersday Party in [ema] Guild Hall 2009

Post  Markus Clouser on Sun May 09, 2010 12:19 pm


This year, the Elite Mercenaries of Abaddon [ema], are having an alliance party to celebrate Wintersday, the battle of Dwayna, Grenth and their minions! We would like to invite ALL the members from [ ema ], [ Evil ], [ AoE ], [ Beat ], [ DPW ], [ GOS ], [ NS ], [ OhNo ] and [ STFU ] to our mini event!

--Markus Clouser, Necro Stephanie and Haruno Midori

The event will take place this December, at a convenient hour for both Europeans and Americans! Check back or pay attention to the alliance chat for the exact day and hour!

You're all invited in our guild hall! [ema] Guild Hall will be changed to be in tune with the Wintersday.

We're going to party, drink and eat sweets but the most important are going to be the minigames! Here is a a short description of them:
  • Costume Contest: Get your best Wintersday outfit, dyed white, green, red or a combination of these three!
  • Racing: You read that right! We're going to have a race in the guild hall:
    • Two or more teams
    • Two or more players that are placed in fixed positions
    • The players of the team will pass each other a certain token (a genuine Wintersday Hat signed by Markus Clouser) just like in a relay race
  • Manhunt: Either myself, Stephanie or Mei Fen will hide in a certain outpost and we will give hints about the location. All you need to do is to open trade with the one who's hiding to get the prize! Don't even think about adding him/her to your party in outpost to find it easier, keep the things hard.
  • Scavanger Hunt: We will request a number of items and you will have to bring them to us. First one to do so will be declared winner!
  • Questions & Lore : How many things do you know about the story of Guild Wars? Well, get your lore on and answer some questions to win prizes! Feel free to use the Guild Wars Wikipedia.
  • Wintersday PvP: We're going to get head to head in a chilly fashion:
    • Build Template: OgNDgMz/AAYto0CAAAAA
    • All the skills can be easily bought from Micah Fergson (Eye of the North (outpost))
    • Depending on how many we are we can extend this to large teams and even GvG.

  • Lottery: Why not use our luck to win? Rules:
    • The general idea is to pick a number
    • In local chat we will use the command /roll -number of players-
    • The ticket / number / person that has the rolled number will win the whole prize!
    • Prize = 100k and any other donations you guys want to drop!

We do not have an Everlasting Stack of Ecto and since this is the first time we do such a party we don't have an enormous amount of prizes so if you would be kind enough to donate something, we would be more than happy and we would appreciate it! The donations can only be given to Markus Clouser, Necro Stephanie or Mei Fen.

Got ideas?
If you have ideas for minigames, feel free to PM any of us three mentioned above!

See you there!

Markus Clouser
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