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Future GW:Beyond content

Post  Markus Clouser on Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:13 pm

Karate Jesus @ guru wrote:We'll be visiting Cantha after Keiran+Gwen is resolved. September was mentioned, but he also said they're a bit behind.
He talks about seeing the ramifications of releasing Palawa Joko.
Sounds like some GvG changes are coming.
Dervish skill changes are being worked on. Trying to make it more fun to play.
One issue with 7 hero teams was pvp teams of 1 person and 7 heroes. Talks about 7 hero teams not hurting anyone, and how hard some WiK stuff was with henchmen. He's open to 7 hero teams, but says they're working on something new involving heroes.
There are new items in the works.
There will be new consumables.
Like to make new festivals.
Paragon is currently probably going to be the class focused on after Dervish.
Not aware of any plans as to what GW1 is going to be called after GW2 comes out. ("Guild Wars" or "Guild Wars original", etc)
[He would] love to add new stuff to festivals. Personal fan of Halloween.

Listen the podcast here: http://www.relicsoforr.com/?p=459
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