My Dungeon To Do List

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My Dungeon To Do List

Post  Yumiko Ishida [Rum] on Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:28 pm

Dungeon Name | Quest Name | Mode

Arachni's Haunt | Scrambled Reinforcements | Hard

Bloodstone Caves | Crystal Method | Hard

Bogroot Caverns | Greff's War | Hard

Catacombs of Kathandrax | Kathandrax's Crusher | Hard

Cathedral of Flames | Temple of the Damned | Hard

Darkrime Delves | The Misanthropic Jotun Principle |Hard

Oola's Lab | Little Workshop of Horrors | Hard

Ooze Pit | Watch It Jiggle | Hard

Shards of Orr | Lost Souls | Hard

Slaver's Exile | The Last Hierophant | Hard

  • Rand Stormweaver Hard (I have Zaishen Bounty Still)
  • Selvetarm Normal
  • Forgewright Normal
  • Duncan Hard

Vloxen Excavations | Dredging the Depths | Hard

I really don't have times up as I'll be ready to do them when I log in usually.
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