Wy Babys Wonderously wonderful wonders. WTS/ make offers.

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Wy Babys Wonderously wonderful wonders. WTS/ make offers.

Post  Wy Baby on Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:30 pm

K friends, figured it was time to setup up my table at this swap meet. i have always been more of a packrat then power trader. If you see something your interested in PM me IGN Wy Baby {DR} or just post here and ill try to update and check this daily for a while. also all prices are MSRP and i always cut deals to the Alliance ussually 25% so if it says 10k here its really probly 7.5 so feel free to make a reasonable offer.

Title Points,
Party, 1750 snowman summoners (7 stacks) 25k a stack
1500 Mischivous tonics 6 stack 20k a stack
750 Yuletide tonics 3 stack 30k a stack
also i have lots of wintergreen CC i would like to trade for Rainbows, about 10 stacks worth.
and im collecting a few more sweet and booze points so trades work 2.

Mini pets, 1 unded temple guard, 3k only 1 i have unded
i have a ton off dedicated minis to meny to list pm me if ya want 1 free!
some are roaring eather, aataxX2, charr shaman, burning titan, mini pig, Juggernaut, Koss, seige turtle + lots of whites

1 Fire Dijin Polymock peice 25k

lots of greens 1k ea and max q9 golds 1-3k ea i will add all of those tomarrow.
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