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Alliance Chat Rules

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Alliance Chat Rules Empty Alliance Chat Rules

Post  Markus Clouser Mon May 31, 2010 3:35 pm

These are just a set of rules that will help us get around in Alliance Chat.
They need to be enforced by Guild Leaders and by their officers and respected by their members.

1. Spamming isn't allowed.
  • spamming = saying the same thing twice or more in a short period of times
  • Announcing the Alliance Events before they occur isn't considered spamming.

  • Caps lock can be used without problems when welcoming a new member, when using an onomatopoeia (writing a sound like *BANG!*), or one or two words when emphasizing a joke or for other similar reasons.
  • Caps lock should not be used as shouting over AC.

3. The Alliance Chat is not a trade chat.
  • but trading is encouraged. You should kindly ask for 28 Iron Ingots instead of "WTB 28 IRON INGOTS! PM ME!". You must not use caps.
  • If you have more things to sell, use the forums, don't turn the AC in a Trade Chat. We have WTS / WTB / WTT sections.

4. Begging
  • Is not accepted if you request free items or if you ask if "anyone has something that I may have". Have =/= Buy. Don't confuse the terms. As stated at point "3", trading is alright.

5. Trolling isn't allowed.
  • troll = one who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
  • A troll can get his guild kicked from the alliance if the Guild Leader of Officers do not act, do not kick or if they "feed" him.
  • Do not feed the trolls. Smile

6. Guild Hopping
  • Guild Hopping is frowned upon.
  • If a member of [X] guild wants to join [Y] guild in alliance he must first have the OK from both Guild Leaders. If that's not possible (one of the Guild Leaders is away), the member must inform the members, Officers or through announcement the leave. If needed, the Alliance Leader can be informed.
  • Special Guild Hop: If a member of [A] guild gets kicked for not following the rules, the other guilds must not invite him in theirs. If they do invite the member, they do it on their risk - the officer and member might get kicked or the entire guild may/will get kicked if the member is still causing problems.

7. Foul language
  • We are a mature alliance and our members should act mature too.
  • Foul language can be used to a certain extent:
    • as long as you do not directly offend another player.
    • as long as the discussion does not turn into a foul language mayhem. Nobody likes that.
    • once is OK, having an F-bomb in every sentence isn't. Members who have such habits should refrain from doing so.

  • If you have kids playing with you or near you it is advisable to turn your chat filter on in case you do not wish them to accidentally see foul language.
  • Foul language can and should be avoided.

8. Idle discussions
  • idle discussions = discussions that aren't Guild Wars related.
  • Idle discussions are accepted.
  • If Idle discussions turn into larger discussions they must be taken to a Guild Hall / Outpost / Explorable Area / Team / PMs.
    • Idle discussions should not force Guild Wars related discussions / questions into shadow. See the previous point.
    • Reason: the Alliance Chat scrolls fast and people can get ignored just as fast. We don't want that to happen.

9. Joke Builds
  • Joke Builds are allowed as long as they don't offend anyone in AC. If you are not sure, ask first.

10. Discussions that should be avoided:
  • Illegal things: Drugs
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sexual orientation
  • Family related: Lost relatives, family abuse, personal abuse

11. You must respect and listen to the following players:
  • Markus Clouser - [ema] Leader / Alliance Leader
  • Necro Stephanie - [ema] Officer
  • Mei Fen - [ema] Officer
  • Kovu Fiercemane - [ema] Officer
  • Kval Vault - [ema] Officer
  • Mighty Was Edi - [ema] Officer
  • Cojuer Dheuto - [emd] Officer
  • Tempestas Patientia - [BBQ] Leader
  • Rogue X Angel - [Evil] Leader
  • Neo Prince Joseph - [LOVE] Leader
  • I Gabriela - [SV]
  • Tara Bastet - [DR] Leader
  • Essence Shadow - [DPR] Leader
  • X Creepy Crawler X - [FL] Leader
  • Maniac De Medic - [BAU] Leader
  • Any other officers not mentioned

12. If someone does not know the rules he must be referred to this post.

Infringements upon any of these rules will have consequences such as warning, kick, guild kick.
  • Any member can warn another alliance member - see point 12 above
  • If a guild leader is breaking the rules, the Alliance Leader can / will kick the entire guild from Alliance.
  • If a member from a specific guild is breaking the rules the guild leader will be asked to remove the member from Alliance
    • If the officers / guild leader won't remove him/her from Alliance, the Alliance Leader can / will kick the entire guild

If someone does not agree with some of the rules or has suggestions, he/she must talk with the alliance leader, Markus Clouser.
Rules can be changed. If any change occurs all players online will be notified but be sure to check this post from time to time.
Markus Clouser
Markus Clouser
Alliance Leader

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